Unknown Communication Project, 2020

Collaboration and Digital Manipulation

Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, due to a need to rethink her physical practice, Williams organised her Unknown Communication Project to emulate the work of her physical practice within a safe environment. Unknown Communication is a collaborative project between creatives, who are working together digitally to produce layers of unspoken and undisclosed communication.  Williams began the project by putting together digital collages of everyday, household objects (similar to the objects used in her physical works) and distributing them around the project participants. Participants were asked to edit the collages and return them in a digital format - no other instructions were given. Then, the edited versions were re-distributed again, and the process repeated. The project continued for 10 rounds, culminating in serveral publications, chronologically following the development of the pieces.

Liz Griffiths.jpeg

1. Original Collage

2. Liz Griffiths

3. Rebecca Lyons

4. Poppy Jones-Little

Poppy Jones-Little.jpg