Trinkets : Trinkets, 2021


Funded by Liverpool Biennial and Lancaster University

'Trinkets. Trinkets.' is a collaborative, autobiographical artwork in which artist Skye Williams works with her Grandfather, Derek, through text and conversation, exploring their inter-generational relationship and memory. 

Working through the coronavirus pandemic, the pair were thrust into living together through a series of unexpected events, and after a difficult time in their relationship. Seeing the want and need to rebuild and repair what was lost, Williams' sort the opportunity to work collaboratively with her grandfather to create an artwork, documenting their approach to this and journey through it, through having and recording conversations of memory and relationship between the pair.

Through a series of walks to places of shared and specific memories, the pair worked closely together, reminiscing of their time in those spaces. Using their recorded conversations, Williams later broke these down into a poetic format, resulting in insightful and intimate knowledge of their relationship. This work converges those poems with new and old images, drawings, and the installation artwork 'Kitchen Cupboards (2020)' which the pair created together, bringing together three key spaces in the pair's relationship: the home, the park, and the church. This work divulges to you, the viewer, the relationship of a grandfather and granddaughter, spanning over 20 years.


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