Curiosity & Conversation (1), 2020

Broken Television, Permanent Markers, Public Participation


Curiosity & Conversation (2), 2020

Broken Computer Monitor & Radio, Wooden Chair, Playmat Plinth, Acrylic Marker, Public Participation

Childhood and play are these work's main focus, contemplating how creativity is often inhibited from an early age due to societal expectations of how children should behave. The installations of everyday, household objects invite the public to interact with them through the mediums of drawing and writing, in a manner that would typically be disciplined in childhood; set up in a public area, passers-by are able to stop and consider each other's scrawls, taking inspiration from one another and forming an unspoken conversation between each other. There is a sense of transformation that takes place through this; both the object into an artwork and the adult back into the child.

Curiosity & Conversation (1), 2020, Skye
Curiosity & Conversation (1), 2020, Skye
Curiosity & Conversation (2), 2020, Skye