Skye Williams is interested in community, collaboration and conversation. Her interactive and participatory art practice considers how bringing the public directly into aesthetic decisions of an artwork can heavily affect it, bringing about both individual and collective reactions. Her work explores intrigue, bringing in elements of tactile play, memory, and recontextualisation.

Most recently, Williams has been exploring the use of everyday, household objects as the major starting points of her installations. Presented in public spaces, these installations invite the passer-by to stop and consider their 'other' positioning, away from their expected environment and are encouraged to write or draw on the objects. This alters the passive relationship that the participant is likely to have with such objects - notably, on and off. By recontextualising the household objects into artworks in this manner, they are transformed into vessels of expression, activity, opinions, and diversity, behaving in a manner they were never purposed to. These objects present the participant with never before considered space, singularly leading them each to respond to a collective call.



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