Skye Williams works with intuition, both singularly and collaboratively, on the basis of phenomenology. Phenomenology is an understanding of direct experience and understanding through one's own consciousness. Putting aside any preconceptions, the viewer or 'experiencer' allows their own experiences in life to guide an understanding of what is presented to them. Williams works on this premise by almost entirely removing the planning stage of an artwork, allowing thoughts and conversation to guide the process of creation instead.

Pre-COVID-19, Williams spent a large chunk of her artistic practice working with the general public. Presenting everyday objects as artwork, displayed in open spaces, Williams allowed passers-by to stop and interact with the works by drawing and writing on them. This encouraged passers-by to put aside their preconceptions of the artist's meaning and convey their own onto the work by adding to it in participation (creating their own phenomenological experience). 

However, current restrictions surrounding the virus have prevented Williams from working in this manner. More recently, Williams has been working on a much smaller scale, collaboratively with a singular other person, and on a solo basis. Still exploring intuition, Williams has created intimate works drawn from her consciousness and experiences in life.


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